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Charitable Foundation

Sewing Seeds for Our Future
The Mitchell County Hospital District Charitable Foundation is a separately incorporated 501(c)3, Not -For-Profit Organization. The Foundation's primary purpose is to operate exclusively for the charitable, benevolent, educational and scientific benefit of the Mitchell County Hospital District. The Foundation manages and accepts gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations, and uses them to help the District with such things as the purchase of new equipment, improving and/or building new facilities and developing various programs.

The Mitchell County Hospital District Charitable Foundation Board, which is comprised of community leaders, governs the Foundation. Each Board Member has invested in the Foundation and believes in its mission to assure healthcare for the future.

Many people give outright gifts by cash or check. Others donate stocks, bonds, property, or planned gifts from a will. Planned giving through a charitable trust will provide special tax benefits.

It is your prerogative to earmark your donation for a special purpose. The duty of the Foundation Board is to see that your donation is used as you wish. If you do not specify where your gift is to be used, it will be designated for use by the Foundation Board of Directors before being issued to the Mitchell County Hospital District Board.

A donation to the Mitchell County Hospital District Charitable Foundation through a memorial or honorarium is a living gift that can express your thanks to those who have been special in your life. By donating to the Foundation, you are helping our community retain the medical services that are so important to our quality of life.

Please contact Mitchell County Hospital to find out how you can give.


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