A pharmacist is organizing medical drugs

Inpatient Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Department is responsible for ordering medications for the hospital and Family Medical Clinic. They keep the emergency room, medication room, radiology, surgery and cardiac departments stocked and ready to go when medications are needed by the staff for a patient. The pharmacy staff is responsible for monitoring expiration dates and recall notices on medications throughout the hospital. The department works closely with Infection Control to coordinate Flu and Pneumonia clinics. The pharmacy is a Class C pharmacy which only licenses it to provide medications for patients that are treated in the hospital or the emergency room. It does not have a license to distribute medications to or fill prescriptions for the general public.

MCHD Introduces RX Home Delivery Program

As part of its mission of creating a community health center for all people, Mitchell County Hospital District is pleased to provide a free home-delivery pharmacy. The program allows you to receive your prescriptions at no additional cost, delivered to wherever you normally receive your mail. By participating in this program, you will help support our mission - to help your neighbor and your community. For more information, call (325) 268-5874 or toll-free at (877)269-9439.


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