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Three medical professionals are attending to a patient lying in a hospital bed
Nursing Departments

Director of Nursing ~ Mark Sheets, RN

The Mitchell County Hospital nursing staff is led by Mark Sheets, R.N., Chief Nurse Officer. Mr. Sheets has been with the district since August 2015. Mr. Sheets states that he feels he leads a team of some of the best nursing personnel in the state of Texas. His staff offers outstanding experience and professionalism, but that special touch of the hometown care team that only small rural facilities can offer. Nursing Department covers Surgery, Emergency Room and Swing bed Program, as well as the hospital patient care wing.

The DON is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the organization's nursing department and its daily operations to ensure that patient-care, clinical and staffing standards are met. As the primary spokes person for nurses, the DON also works to align the nursing staff with the mission, values, and vision of the organization.

Click HERE to check out employment opportunities. If you are looking for a satisfying and fulfilling career in the medical field, then you should consider Mitchell County Hospital District. It is a small rural hospital district located in Colorado City, Texas. It's centrally located from Abilene, San Angelo, Midland and Lubbock Texas. MCHD offers competitive salaries and benefits for a small rural facility. The community and surrounding area has affordable housing available. Only completed applications for open jobs are accepted. MCHD is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Hospital Nursing

Nursing Department ~ Mark Sheets
Mitchell County Hospital nursing staff is led by Mark Sheets, RN, DON/Med-Surg Nurse Manager. MCHD nursing staff offers outstanding experience and professionalism, but that special touch of the hometown care team that only small rural facilities can offer.

Mitchell County Hospital District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive wages, retirement plan and excellent working conditions. The District is always looking for good nurses and persons wanting the nursing voyage that only a small facility can offer.

Surgical Department ~ Denise Jones, RN, Manager

Denise Jones, RN is the Surgery Department Manager. The Surgical team staff stay busy with a full time general surgeon Lufkin Moses, D.O. Dr. Fish, M.D. does many eye surgeries along with several Specialty Clinic physicians use the operating room facilities for their patients they see locally at the hospital. It is assuring for local patients to know there are very well trained and qualified personnel in the surgery department that knows them personally and this is not usually something you can find in large hospitals.

Emergency Department Nursing

Leticia Usener, RN, ADON is the ED Nursing Manager. ED is staffed with Medical Providers, Registered Nurses, and Unit Clerks that are specially trained in Emergency Medicine. Members of the nursing staff are certified nationally for Emergency Nursing (CEN) and to provide Pediatric Emergency Nursing (CPEN). They participate in a state wide RAC Program and designated as a level IV Trauma Center.

They strive to uphold the MCHD mission and to provide "the right care, for the right patient, at the right time." The ED appreciates every patient that utilizes MCH's Emergency Department.

Their Patient Satisfaction Surveys provide them with very valuable information that is utilized to improve patient care and processes from admission to discharge. If, there are any suggestions regarding how, we can improve as a department, please let them know.

They look forward to serving you!

Infection Control Nursing ~ Iris Boyd, RN

Iris Boyd, RN, BSN joined the staff of Mitchell County Hospital in 2007. She is the Infection Control nurse for Mitchell County Hospital. She is also the pre-op nurse for all scheduled surgeries at the hospital. She insures the employees and community is vaccinated against the flu.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call Mrs. Boyd at 325-728-3431, extension 7102.

Swingbed Program ~~ Terry Munoz-Lujan, RN

Mitchell County Hospital District offers a very excellent Swing Bed Program and it's headed by Teresa Munoz-Lujan, R.N. She has been with the district since 1992 and brings an enormous nursing knowledge-base to the program. Patients completing a critical care stay and ready for medical advancement, but not quiet ready to go home, are great candidates for the program. Activities and exercise program is offered to individuals qualifying for the program. Ms. Munoz-Lujan is also takes care of Case Management. For questions regarding the swing bed program or phone the hospital phone at 325-728-3431, extension 7113.

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Employment at Mitchell County Hospital and access to its programs or services shall not be limited on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or disability.