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A photo of a smiling Robbie Dewberry, CEO

CEO's Message


Chief Executive Officer Robbie Dewberry is committed to the hospital's number one mission, "the right thing every time for every patient." As the CEO of our hospital my goal is to assist the Board of Managers, Medical Staff, the employees and the residents of Mitchell County to make our hospital the best it can possibly be. Our goal at Mitchell County Hospital District is to provide quality healthcare to everyone we come in contact with and daily our staff works hard to achieve that goal.

Our hospital is a Critical Access hospital and like most rural hospitals, it faces the same daily challenges to survive and remain viable for our community needs. We are continually working to keep our hospital up to date to meet those challenges. I want you to know that as a team working together we will do our best to take care of you and your loved ones as you are not just a number to us, but our family.

If you have any positive or not so positive feedback, he would like to know. The only way to improve and provide a facility that every tax paying citizen can be proud of is letting me know your thoughts and concerns. As a tax payer in this county, your opinion does matter.

Phone: (325)728-3431 ext. # 7106.


Robbie Dewberry
Mitchell County Hospital


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